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About IO

Welcome to the CEA Saclay International Office

Welcome to CEA Saclay, and welcome to the International Office. Our multilingual staff is readily available to assist you through immigration procedures and to help you settle in France. Whether you are coming to work or study in CEA Saclay, you can refer to this website for general information and fill out our contact form for any specific question. The IO staff looks forward to being a helpful part of your CEA Saclay experience!

Prepare your stay

What you need to know before you leave home

Going to work in France requires advance planning. This section has been prepared to help answer some of the questions you may have before leaving, such as visas and immigration, housing, and the basic living expenses to expect in France. If you cannot find the answer to your questions here, always feel free to use our contact form.

Living in France

Settling into a new life in France

You have just arrived in France and are wondering how to take care of day-to-day formalities, such as health insurance, banking or public transportation? In this section, you will find some information which can help you understand the basics of everyday life in France, organize your new life and get the best out of this experience.

CEA Saclay

Discovering on-campus services

CEA Saclay is a thriving scientific campus which offers many services to its community of researchers and students. On your arrival, you will discover the library, restaurants, on-campus banks… Get a preview of the many resources on campus!


Working at CEA Saclay gives you access to a wide variety of scientific events. Its location also gives you the chance to discover Paris and its surroundings through all kinds of cultural activities. Explore!