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Learning French

Learning French to make the best out of your experience

Although most researchers at the CEA speak English, you can learn French to make the best out of your CEA Saclay experience. Knowing the basics is very useful in daily life. It is also the best way to discover French culture! Here are a few tips on how to learn the language.

Taking a few courses before leaving

A few courses will make for an excellent introduction to the basics of French. This will help you get around on your arrival. Here are some useful links for your first courses:

Learning French at CEA Saclay

You can take French courses at CEA Saclay, regardless of your level. For more information, please contact the International Office.

Prepare efficiently for studying in France

Take advantage of the FILIPE e-learning program to prepare for and facilitate your science and technology studies in France. This program makes use of several modules combining oral presentations and interactive exercises.

Your family wants to learn French?

If your spouse wants to learn French, you can contact the International Office. An advisor will help you find French courses in your area. Your spouse can also look for more information at the city hall. For this, look for Mairie in the Pages Jaunes. If you are coming with your children, they will learn French at school or daycare.

The AVF (Accueil des Villes Françaises) association organises meetings in French for foreigners. It is a good opportunity to practise French.

A few key phrases and a pronunciation tips

In case of an emergency

Help Au secours O Seukoor
Fire Au feu O feu
Call the emergency Appelez les secours Appelé lé seukoor
It is an accident C’est un accident Sé teu aksidan
Help me Aidez-moi Edé moa
I am on the road to... at this address Je suis sur la route de ... à l’adresse suivante... Jeu sui sur la root deu... a ladresse suivant
There are ... people injured Il y a ... personnes blessées Iliya ... pérsson bléssé
He/she is choking Il/elle s’étouffe Il/el sétoofeu
He/she is unconscious Il/elle est inconsciente Il/el é inkonssien
Heart attack Crise cardiaque Creez cardeeak