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Customs: what you need to know

You are travelling to France with personal goods. You should be aware of a few basic rules in the areas of taxation and customs that may affect you as a traveler.

If you are travelling within the EU

Customs and tax procedures between Member States of the European Community have been abolished since 1993. You may bring back goods for your personal needs that have been purchased in another Member State.

If you are entering the EU

If you enter the EU from a non-EU country, goods having no commercial character can be imported free of customs duties and taxes. However, some products are subject to restrictions, such as tobacco and alcohol. For more information, please visit the European Commission Taxation and Customs Union website.

If you are coming with a vehicle, visit the French Customs authorities website to learn about the specific requirements.

If you are entering the EU with a pet, you must travel with an official document that has been completed and signed by a veterinarian in your country. You will have to present this document for customs clearance. I you do not clear your pet you may have to pay a fine or your pet may be confiscated by Customs authorities. To find more information in English, refer to the French Customs website.

Medicine for personal use, i.e., in an amount corresponding to 3 months of treatment, may be brought into France, without a prescription provided they are carried in your baggage. If you carry medicine containing narcotics or psychotropic drugs, you must keep the prescription with you at all times.