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Moving in

Tips for moving into your new home in France

Here are a few basic things that you need to take care of as soon as you move into your new home in France.

Different moving options

  • Using your own car.
  • Renting a vehicle.
  • Hiring a professional moving company.

To rent a vehicule or find a moving company, you may search through les Pages Jaunes.

Be aware of the customs formalities.

Utilities and administrative formalities

If you already lived in France before moving, you may log in to the Service Public website and fill in the declaration of address change. Please note that this form is only available in French, so you may need someone to translate it for you. This will allow your new address to be sent to the following organizations:

  • your EDF-GDF center (main electricity and natural gas suppliers in France),
  • your social security center,
  • your "Caisse d’Allocations Familiales" (Family Allowance Fund agency),
  • your tax center.

You also need to let these organizations know that your address has changed:

  • your insurance company, especially for your household insurance,
  • your France-Télécom agency,
  • your bank.

Change of address and residence permit

You still live in the same "département"
Go to the "Préfecture" (or "sous-préfecture") which had issued the resident permit with your new proof of address.

Your department and "Préfecture" have changed
Go to the "Préfecture" (or "sous-préfecture") with your current "titre de séjour". The new "Préfecture" will contact the former one.

In case of difficulty, please quickly contact the International Office.

Leaving France

When leaving France, do not forget to go to the nearest tax center to give your new address abroad to the tax authorities. Also inform all organizations affected by your move (EDF, bank…).