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Medical care

Finding a doctor or a hospital during your stay in France

Depending on your condition, you may need to see a doctor or go to a hospital during your stay in France. Here is a guide of the various medical services available to you.

What should I do if I get sick in France?

You can decide to go see the local general practitioner, or a doctor in either a public or a private hospital. You will have to present your carte Vitale and pay for the consultation.

If the doctor prescribes a treatment, go to the nearest pharmacy with both your prescription and your carte Vitale for reimbursement. Medicines are reimbursed when prescribed by a doctor and included in the list of reimbursable pharmaceutical products, in which case you will only be reimbursed part of the total amount. The rest of the bill will be reimbursed by your top up insurance.

Please contact your city hall to get a list of all local GPs, health centers and pharmacies.

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What should I do if I am expecting a child?

During the first three months of your pregnancy, you must inform your local CPAM (National Health Insurance Agency) that you are pregnant. All of your medical expenses will be reimbursed during your pregnancy.

How can I inform the CPAM that I am pregnant?

As soon as your pregnancy is confirmed, you must go to your GP or gynecologist for a prenatal exam. Your doctor will give you the specific form you need to send to your local CPAM and your Caf (Family Allowance Fund).

Your GP or gynecologist will recommend a public or a private hospital where you can have your baby. Contact the hospital as soon as possible. After your baby is born, you have three days to register your child’s birth at the city hall of the birthplace where you will be given a birth certificate.

How can I register with another médecin traitant?

Fill the déclaration de choix de médecin traitant with your new médecin traitant. Send this form back to your local CPAM (Health Insurance agency).