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Getting around Paris and travelling in France

Paris has a comprehensive and sophisticated public transportation system, which enables visitors to move economically and safely about the city. Seven intercity train stations and two international airports also provide you with many travelling options.

Transportation in and around Paris

  • RATP refers to the Autonomous Operator of Parisian Transports. It includes the metro, bus, tramway and suburban trains (RER) networks.
  • TER Transilien is a trade brand of SNCF (the French National Railway Company) which is also in charge of Paris urban and suburban transport system.
  • Local bus lines around Saclay : for more information dial +33 (0)1 69 35 66 38.
  • Albatrans refers to an Essonne urban transportation network.

Transportation in France

By train
SNCF is the French National Railway Company. You can book a train ticket on their English website: TGV-Europe.com.
To enjoy the best offers and to find affordable train tickets, make sure you book them a few weeks in advance!

By bus
Eurolines bus services offers more than 600 destinations in France and in Europe.

By plane
You will find general information about Paris airports and flight information on the Aéroports de Paris website .
The two main airports in Paris are:

  • Paris Orly Airport (South of Paris)
  • Charles de Gaulle Airport (North of Paris)

By taxi
Please, consult the Pages Jaunes and look for “taxi”. Keep in mind that a 25-kilometer ride can be charged up to 80€.

By car
You can find a short term car rental on the Pages Jaunes searching “location de véhicule”.

If you are travelling with a vehicule with temporary transit licence, visit the Fondation Nationale Alfred Kastler website.