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Entering the campus - ID Card requirements

Access to CEA Saclay is restricted. Visitors entering the campus need an appointment notification and must report at the North gate reception counter in order to get an ID Card.

If you do not have a CEA ID Card yet

Report to the North gate ("Porte Nord"). Your host laboratory has previously followed all necessary procedures to make sure your arrival was registered. You will have to present an ID or passport. Driving licenses are not accepted. The front desk attendant will give you a CEA ID Card that you must show anytime you enter the campus and when a security guard asks you for it.

If you already have a CEA ID Card

You can enter the campus by the North gate or gate 306 ("Porte 306"). You must systematically show your ID Card at the entry and every time a security guard asks you for it.

If your ID Card was lost or stolen

You must report the loss of your ID Card to the North gate Badge Office.