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IO Interview #6

Shradha is a PhD student in materials science who enjoys the French lifestyle. She has been studying and working at CEA for 4 years. But she has also learnt French, visited numerous places and discovered many traditions. Shradha now tells us how fruitful this personal and professional experience was.

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IO Interview #5

Yiting is a young PhD student in materials science. Born in Shanghai, she has been living in France for 10 years. Here is her story.

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IO Interview #4

Listen to the latest IO interview of a young, international scientist in CEA Saclay. Taro is a Japanese researcher doing a post-doc at IPhT. He came to France with his wife and their child. He tells us about their settling in France...

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IO Interview #3

Elizabeth is a young American scientist doing a thesis at iBiTec-S. She tells us about her experience in Saclay. Listen to her interview...

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IO Interview #2

Quiela chose CEA Saclay to do a PhD in nuclear physics within the Irfu, the Institute of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe. She tells us about her arrival in France as a young scientist.

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IO Interview #1

Scientists talk about their experience in Saclay! Today: Kuldeep, British postdoc in Physical Chemistry at the Saclay Institute of Matter and Radiation (Iramis).

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