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Perugino, Master of Raphael

Discover Perugino, the great Italian Renaissance painter, at the Jacquemart-André Museum

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Colloque de l’Orme

« Ce que le climat peut apporter à la physique statistique et vice-versa »

Par Bérengère Dubrulle (directeur CNRS et SPHYNX/SPEC/IRAMIS/DSM)

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Outdoor Film Festival at la Villette

This year again, an Outdoor Film Festival will take place at the Parc de la Villette. Don’t miss this key event in Parisian nights!

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Understanding the behavior of "active matter"

This study was carried out by CEA/IRAMIS in collaboration with the Research Center on Animal Cognition (Université Paul Sabatier - CNRS) in Toulouse, France.

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Palais Galliera : Musée de la mode de la ville de Paris

Palais Galliera Exhibition : "Fashion in France, 1947-1957." Discover a museum that will never go out of style

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Colloque de l’Orme

« Les neutrinos, une rencontre du quatrième type ? » by Thierry LASSERRE - DSM/IRFU/SPP

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The turbulent birth of stars in galactic collisions

The effects of turbulence generated when two galaxies collide analyzed by astrophysicists at CEA and CNRS.

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Cyclope Junior Conference

"Regards croisés sur les galaxies" by Jean-Charles Cuillandre, researcher at AIM and Pierre-Alain Duc, researcher at CEA-Irfu

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Versailles Festival: tribute to Haendel

This year, Versailles Festival dedicate 10 concerts to Haendel during which the most renowned performers will pay a tribute to the young composer who came to Italy in 1706.

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Colloque de l’Orme

“ESS, the new European neutron spallation source and its applications to material sciences” by Frédéric OTT (IRAMIS, Léon Brilloin Laboratory, Mixed Research Unit CEA-CNRS) CEA Saclay/l’Orme des Merisiers Amphi Claude Bloch, Building 774 Download the conference poster (in French)

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